Can You Get Up Off The Floor Without Using Your Hands?

Posted on June 19, 2012

I have asked a lot of people to try get up off of the floor without using their hands and a surprising number of them are challanged in some way with it. Can you do it? The exercise is simple, get off of the floor without using your hands to assist in any way. The point of the exercise is less about not using your hands than the actual act of getting up and down off of the floor, an action that we easily can take for granted.

If you have ever had an injury, illness, pain, or weakness that made it difficult to get up off of the floor then you know that even something so simple can be extremely challenging. Not being able to get up and move is an incredibly helpless and humbling position to be in.

I watch people regularly move very slowly and even have difficulty when they get up and down off the floor although they may be physically strong in other areas. I myself have had issues getting up and down off of the floor and can tell you first hand that there are few things that have ever felt so debilitating. 

Being able to perform this simple action is kind of a big deal as you age. Not being able to get off the floor is a pre-requisite for not easily getting out of a chair, off the toilet, or out of bed.  The best way to prevent losing this ability is also simple; get down on the floor daily.

Make it part of your routine to regularly get down on the ground as part of your workout, to stretch, to sit, or to play with the kids. Notice that it is a full body exercise that requires your entire skeleton to participate. 

Paying attention to how you get up can tell you a lot about where your body is weak. Is it a struggle or does it feel easy? Do you always roll to the same side or use the same leg to push yourself up? Are you able to get up without holding onto anything? Appreciate this simple movement of getting up off the floor and allow yourself to gracefully keep doing it as you age. The more mobile you are the more mobile you will remain.

Just reminding you to keep moving,

Pamela Dyer


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